Hymer History

Hymer are a German motorhome manufacturer, they are located in Bad Waldsee which is in Northern Germany.

Hymer is known as one of the most innovative and successful caravan and motorhome manufacturers in Europe.  They are a well established, traditional company that are proud of their heritage.  They first produced a caravan in the 1930’s and this was part of the Eriba-Touring range which took off in 1958 and is still a popular choice amongst consumers today.  Motorhome production started in 1972 and is now the brand of choice throughout Germany – when you think of a motorhome Germans think of Hymer.

Hymer is the leading leisure vehicle manufacturer and this is founded on the long tradition of the company as well as the knowledgeable expertise they hold.  Hymer consistently achieve their innovative approach by aiming to be at the forefront of new developments.  Brilliant design and comfortable interiors is at the forefront of Hymer’s aims but above all they want to satisfy customers needs based on quality, up to date technology and safety.  Just as we at Used hymer motorhomes aim to provide the same high class service through offering used Hymer motorhomes.

Hymer are the only manufacturer in the caravanning industry to hold ISO 9001 and they were also the first manufacturer to offer a six year warranty on all of their models.  They are also involved with promoting the mobile leisure industry throughout Europe and providing excellent conditions to enable caravanning enthusiasts to thoroughly enjoy their travels!  Hymer listens to fellow active caravanners and motorhome users to find out what they say about their experiences and prompt them to give feedback on what aspects could be improved or make their travels more enjoyable.

We follow in their footsteps and we also draw on our own caravanning experiences as well as others to ensure we are meeting our customer’s needs.  Considering the above information, this is why Used hymer motorhomes are proud to offer these motorhomes to our customers and the fact that they are not purchased brand new allows us to provide such high quality at good value for money prices.

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Used Hymer Motor Homes

Used Hymer Motor Homes